The variety Prokupac is adapted to the local climate of the Toplicka region where it has the best conditions for full phenological ripening. Indigenous varieties such as Prokupac absorb the specificity of the area and expressed best the Toplica terroir.

Prokupac in Toplica region ripens in the first decade of October. The variety is characterized by ripe tannins with rich fruit aromas.

Because of the small amount of precipitation in the Toplica, the vines cause mild water stress, which makes the berries obtain  a high content of phenological compounds and flavor. With 1.5% of organic matter in the soil, it is possible to control the vigor of the vine that allows the grapes to reach full maturation.

At the time of ripening, the temperature between day and night is extremely important. In Toplica temperature during the day goes up to 30degrees and during the night down to 15degrees. Temperature differences are significant for the synthesis of anthocyanins in the berry and a rich aromatic complex in wine.


The soil  the vineyards are grown has low content of organic matter, also it is light and aerated. With these qualities, the vines have controlled vigor and have ideally balanced vegetative and fruit potential.

The complexity of the soil profiles (clay, gravel, lots of mica and carbonate particles), together with the specific mesoclimate  of the selected plots, create ideal conditions for the production of healthy grapes with top quality.

In the first layer of the soil there is a poor Humus-accumulative layer (1.5%). The next layer is a carbonate layer, poor in clay, while in the deeper layers are silicate minerals with a basal cleavage, rich in minerals ( biotite).


DOJA vineyards are located at the slopes with exposition to the south, south-west; with a altitude 430-470meters. Vineyards are surrounded by mountains Jastrebac, Radan, Pasjača, Sokolovica, Vidojevica and Kopaonik, forming a natural amphitheater that protects our vineyards from cold and humid air.

Microclimate: during the ripening period temperatures in the vineyards goes up to 29-30degrees and around 15degrees during the night, making ideal conditions for the accumulation of the phenological compounds in berries.

Trellis system - Vertical Shoot Position.

Head of our viticulture team is prof dr Slavica Todić, professor of viticulture at Faculty of Agriculture, at the University of Belgrade.

The mission of the selected oenological procedures is to present the quality from the grape to the bottle, where they would protect the authentic and unique character of the wines from the Prokuplje winegrowing area


heart of winery

In the Doja winery,  new Bucher press and destemmer, as well as the high quality inox vinifiers, are carefully “taking care” of  Prokupac and other varieties, and finally, the oak barrels are there for a safe and long aging. All phases of wine production, without exception, are performed in Prokuplje growing area, which ensures control of all stages of the production process, the basis for the production of quality wines.

Everything that is done is done with only one mission in mind - to transfer the quality from the berries to the bottles, while in the bottles nurturing and preserving the authenticity and recognizability of the wines of the Prokuplje wine growing region.


The wine story of the DOJA winery is rounded off in the tasting room, located in the heart of the vineyard. In a modern wine ambiance, from which a unique view of the vineyards of the Toplica valley extends, the enjoyment of wines acquires an additional dimension.


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