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Winery Doja was created of love… love towards wine and heritage. Our idea is simple - with lots of love we want to keep family tradition of vinegrowing and winemaking in Toplica region. Experience and know-how of our team help us make premium quality wine while keeping the authentic of Toplica terroir.

Porodica Todić


family as an inspiration

Doja is family owned winery with long tradition of vinegrowing and winemaking dating back ever since 1895., located on the slopes of the mountain Jastrebac with altitude of 470m. The specific climate with difference between day and night temperature up to 15 degrees in ripening period, makes Toplica region so unique and interesting.

Varieties planted for making white wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Tamjanika and for red varieties are Prokupac, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Most planted is indigenous variety Prokupac which is a symbol of Serbian winemaking. It is only one of few Serbian indigenous varieties and it creedal is located right here in Toplica region.


soil as source of strength

Situated in the vineyards, there is winery with capacity of 200 000 liters. The winery is equipped with the latest technology for achieving premium quality. The whole process of making wines, from vineyard management, harvest, cellar management, aging, bottling and labeling is done in the winery.


This is the place where tradition and modern knowledge cross their roads, with the team of experts, owner  Goran Todic and his wife Slavica Todic, professor of Viticulture at faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade.

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because you share wine with the loved ones

The story of Doja vines and winery  is rounded off in the tasting room, located in the heart of the vineyard. In a warm wine ambiance, from which spreads a unique view of the vineyards in Toplica valley and mountain tops of Kopaonik, enjoying vines gets additional dimension.

If you want to experience them in the right way and get to know the authenticity of the Prokuplje vineyards, the DOJA winery provides you with hospitality throughout the year.


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When I say Toplica


The idea of a gentle wine of a strong character from the autochthonous Serbian variety Prokupac has long been present in the thoughts, plans and wishes of Goran and Slavica Todić. Intentions and wishes began to be realized in 2010, with the raising of new vineyards of the Prokupac variety. And what were their intentions, such is the result. Doja Prokupac is an honest wine, with character. Traditional and modern, strong and gentle, serious and drinkable. Doja Prokupac is characterized by an intense ruby-red color, scents of red berries interwoven with baric tones. The wine was aged in barrel barrels, it was of moderate fullness, good structure and delicate finish.

Open a bottle of Doja Prokupac and realize - there is everything you need to know about Prokupac.

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